Nestled in a quiet neighborhood of Tucker, GA (just outside Atlanta), the studio, affectionately referred to as 'Marlon's House' is many artists' favored spot to record. There's no cold institutionalized studio vibe here, just great gear and a feeling like you're in a cabin in the woods. Complete with wood burning stove, Great Pyrenees pup named Leo, huge back yard and garden, chicken coop, and...oh yeah, a full service studio, too (gear list available upon request).  Great selection of instruments, mics, preamps, eqs, compressors, converters, and a tape machine in a well built, great sounding studio with lines of sight between iso/vocal booths, drum room (vintage drums everywhere), piano room (Yamaha C5 equipped), and control room.

Remote drum tracking from my studio is now available! Click here to see how it works.